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Oakey Red ~ Proprietor's Choice:
OAK BARREL AGED…Made with Wisconsin-grown St. Croix grapes, this full-bodied DRY wine boasts an oakey mouthfeel! This DRY red wine is a joy to drink. Fabulous with any meal or with any conversation!
$19.00  -  Buy Online


Oak Ridge Red:
Made with blue-black Wisconsin-grown grapes named Foch (pronounce with long O, Fosh). This is a semi-dry wine, subtle fruit tones are detected. Easy to drink for new red-wine drinkers. Great with a pizza or pasta, or, enjoy a glass by itself.
$11.00  -  Buy Online


Weggy White:
White DRY wine with a hint of oak and a fabulous flavor. Like Chardonnay? Try Weggy White, exquisitely crafted using Wisconsin-grown grapes! Enjoy with fish, chicken or pork, or by itself. Suggest serve chilled.
$12.00  -  Buy Online


Vignole - Dry:
Dry white wine with a nice smooth finish. Try drinking this wine with white meat or fish. May we suggest serve chilled.
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Weggy Blue:
This semi-sweet white wine made with French-hybrid grapes, has fabulous flavors reminiscent of a fine Riesling. Undertones of peach with a bright citrus finish. A "Wow" with any meal or by itself.
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Red Table Wine - Sweet:
Wisconsin-grown Steuben and Worden grapes make this wine fruity and sweet with aromas and flavors of cherry, blackberry and raspberry. Enjoy a pleasurable experience drinking this sweet red wine. Suggest serve chilled.
$12.00  -  Buy Online


Apple Wine – Sweetened with honey:
A great dessert wine made with Estate-grown Honey Crisp apples and sweetened with our own Vineyard bee’s honey. This is an incredibly smooth wine, a pleasure to drink! Skip the dessert, enjoy a glass of Apple Wine. Suggest serve chilled.
$11.00  -  Buy Online


La Crescent Wine:
White sweet wine, so full of flavor. You'l detect aromas and finishes of apricot, however this wine is made with 100% LaCrescent grapes; Estate-grown. lovely...
$12.00  -  Buy Online

Riesling - Semi-sweet:
Grapes from the shores of Lake Michigan. Enjoy this semi-sweet white wine. Pairs nicely with cheeses. Suggest serve chilled.
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Sabrevois Wine:
This beautifully named red grape tastes just a wonderful as it's name in this wine! We carefully craft our estate-grown Sabrevois grape into this mellow, smooth, red wine with a semi-dry lovely finish. Drink it by itself for all the flavor, and it is a great compliment to many meals!
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Apple Breeze:
Crisp apples make this wine with a beautiful dry finish.
$10.00  -  Buy Online


Vanilla Oak:
White DRY wine with a slight hint of oak and aromas of vanilla, is made from Wisconsin-grown St. Pepin grapes. A nice, mild, white wine that goes great with fish or pultry; or just enjoy it by the glass.
Suggest serve chilled.
$12.00  -  Buy Online


Weggy Reserve 2013:
A fantastic Red you just have to try to believe.
$16.00  -  Buy Online


WI Vignole:
We grow our own Vignole white grapes which are crafted so perfectly into this white dry wine. We proudly call it WI Vignole! This wine finishes soft yet nicely dry.
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Strawberry Wine: 
Strawberry Wine tastes like the berry itself - we promise! Beautiful color and delightfully strawberry-sweet! This is a wine that is enjoyed by almost every pallete, whether you enjoy dry, semi or sweet wine! Aroma of strawberry wine.
$22.50  -  Buy Online


Marquette Dry Red:
Marquette Dry Red.  Rich finish and estate-grown.
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Autumn Crisp Wine:
Medium-Dry  white wine detects lovely fruit toneS and has a crisp semi-dry finish. It is carefully crafted using Wisconsin-grown grapes. HAS WON GOLD MEDAL IN CALIFORNIA! Suggest serve chilled.
$12.00  -  Buy Online


Lemon Drop:
We carefully blend real lemon to our own juicy white grapes which creates this sweet, refreshing wine with a “pucker-up” finish.
$10.00  -  Buy Online


Weggy Red:
DRY, full-bodied red wine, finely crafted using Wisconsin-grown St. Croix grapes with a hint of oak aromas as well as a hint of oak flavor. Wonderful with red meat or pasta.
$11.00  -  Buy Online


Marlys Blush:
Wonderfully light semi-sweet wine. Made with Wisconsin Foch grapes pressed from the skins & slowly fermented making this beautiful blush wine. Detect aromos & flavors of cherry and strawberry. Enjoy with a meal or by itself. Suggest serve chilled.
$12.00 - Buy Online


Pear Wine:
Estate-grown using our own Asian pears; lovely unique finish. Not too sweet, very pleasant on the pallatte.
$14.00  -  Buy Online


Cherry Sweet Wine:
Made from Balithon cherries, a nice sweet wine, very intense with cherry flavors! It's like a dessert…a unique hint of spice makes for an enjoyable sipping wine. Suggest serve chilled.
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Apple & Black Currant:
Estate-grown Honey Crisp apples with estate-grown black currants are perfectly blended to make this very appealing fruity wine with a unique finish — sweet, yet tart. Suggest serve chilled.
$13.00 - Buy Online


Cranberry Wine - Semi-sweet:
This is not a seasonal wine! It is to be enjoyed all year round. These cranberries are from the Bogs of Central Wisconsin. Beautiful fruit, tart with a subtle sweetness to please just about every palette. Suggest serve chilled.
$12.00  - Buy Online


Leon Millot:
Rich, red Estate-grown grapes. Finely crafted to a semi-dry finish. Try this with red meat - a beautiful compliment.
$12.00  -  Buy Online


Peach Wine semi-sweet:
Enjoy this wine any season! Crafted from our estate-grown peaches; lushious, juicy & sweet. This wine is aromatic, slightly sweet, boasts beautiful flavors of fresh peaches.
$14.00  -  Buy Online


Blueberry Sweet Wine:
Luscious Blueberry wine with a big blueberry taste! Nice sweet finish, great aroma. Try some today. suggest serve chilled..

$13.00  -  Buy Online


Truly Traminette:
Truly Traminette.  An estate grown white grape crafted into a refreshing semi-dry finish
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Black Currant Crush:
Black Currant Crush wine is fruity, unique and so flavorful. Finely crafted using our estate-grown blackcurrants carefully blended with white grapes. Enjoy...
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Carefully crafted using our own-grown De Chaunac red grapes. This beautiful-dry red is aged in French & American oak barrels which gives a bold finish. Enjoy the aroma of the fruity grape in this lovely dry red wine.
$14.00  -  Buy Online


Estate-grown; beautiful Frontenac grape aged in American/French oak-barrel. Lovely dry finishes with oak appeal.
Compliment any meal with this bold red wine.
$13.00  -  Buy Online


All Black Currant Wine - Yes, this is made from 100% ALL black currants -estate-grown. Very nicely finishes sweet and is loaded with tons of antioxidants - all natural from the berries!
$15.00  -  Buy Online


Moonlit River:
A perfect bland of white grapes, semi-sweet & easy drinking.  Estate grown.
$13.00  -  Buy Online


Plum Sweet Wine:
Our own estate-grown plums have been selected for this finely crafted sweet wine. This beautiful fruit has been crafted into a wonderful wine! We suggest serving chilled and enjoying anytime!
$16.00  -  Buy Online


Apple Cherry Wine:
This wine is carefully crafted using estate-grown sweet apples perfectly blended with Wisconsin Montmorency cherries resulting in a pleasurable sweet wine. Suggest serve chilled or try warmed in a mug on a cool autumn day.  
$11.00  -  Buy Online